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When it comes to rug cleaning services, floor and upholstery cleaning or repairing after water damage, we are the number one provider of the most efficient solutions in central Oregon. We offer free estimates on all cleaning jobs. For more information about our cleaning services, call us at 541-382-8855 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our cleaning services include:

Deep Carpet Cleaning
Don’t live with dirty and discolored carpets any longer! Our professionals have over 40 years of experience cleaning even the dirtiest of carpets. We use a special emulsifier that will get the deep stains and odors out of your carpet that animals and other products can leave behind. Our special process uses environmentally safe shampoos that won’t leave a residue behind.
Furnace Ducts
Do your furnace ducts look dirty? If so, there is a good chance that dirt, dust and other contaminants have been circulating in the air of your home for some time. We offer duct cleaning services to improve the air in your home or office.
Dryer Vents
Clogged dryer vents reduce the efficiency of the dryer, making everything take longer to dry. In addition, it costs you more money for the dryer to run longer. Save energy and money by having your dryer vents cleaned out on a regular basis. We can also clean out the air ducts in your house, ensuring quality air throughout your home.
Your furniture is one of the most expensive investments inside of your home. We can carefully clean different pieces of furniture or even stain to protect them for a longer life. Our specially trained and certified upholstery cleaners will thoroughly inspect your furniture and determine the best method of cleaning. Our technicians have expertise in many difficult-to-clean materials including silk, suede, ultra-suede, and velvet.
The gentle fibers in your rug can take a beating from everyday traffic – not to mention the occasional spill or stain! Keep your rugs looking fantastic with regularl cleaning services. We can clean your rugs at your house or we can pick up your area rug, clean it in-store and deliver it back to you.
Strip/Refinish Floors

Your wood floor is prized for its natural beauty and the warmth that it adds to your house. Our experts can come in and strip the floor with special tools that won’t damage the floors in the long run. Then, the floors will be sealed and have a top coat applied. This whole process takes little time, but will definitely last for years!

For over 40 years, Power Clean Services has been providing quality cleaning services in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas. We guarantee that we will stand behind all work we do! Call us at 541-382-8855 for a free estimate today.

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